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detect leaks

How to detect LEAKS?

A leak after the water meter is the concessionaire‚Äôs responsibility.

REMEMBER!that one primary cause of abnormally high consumption is leakage AFTER THE WATER METER.

The Toledo City Water District reminds its concessionaires to be aware of any leakage in their service connection after the water meter, to avoid high billing. 

Here are some TIPS:

  1. Use your water meter to find leakages after your water meter.
  2. Your water meter is usually located at the street near you; you can help detect a leak in your water system.
  3. Turn off all taps in and around the house and observe the water meter for about (5) minutes.
  4. If the water meter dial turns even if all your faucets are closed, you have a leakage in your service line.
  5. Since leakage is after the water meter, please engage the services of a private plumber to fix said leak.

REMINDER: In case of high billing because of the leak after the water meter, TCWD DOES NOT make any adjustment on your water bill.

However, one may file a complaint on High Consumption at the TCWD Public Assistance and Complaints Counter (PACC).  The consumer is advised to bring his/her water bill with a sketch of his/her address or location. A referral for trace up water services line will be made. However, if ever the complainant does not agree with the result of the trace up, he/she can go back to the PACC, for the second referral, which is for Calibration of Water Meter.

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